Tuesday, November 06, 2012

{New Zealand Aug 2012} International Antarctic Centre


We didn't really pay that many admission fess for this trip.
I had to go to this one.

We woke up early for a 30 minutes walk, passing through Hagley Park and to the town center where there is a shuttle bus pick up. Flowers are starting to bloom.

You cannot miss the bus -- Penguin Express.

We were the only passengers for that day and the driver was really sweet to offer to drop us close to our accommodation on the way back if there aren't any other passengers.
Turned out we were the only ones taking the shuttle on the way back and he did drop us very near our accommodation.
That saved us taking a 30 minutes walk from the original drop-off point. In the rain.
And I wasn't feeling very well then.
Totally appreciated it!

He gave us a short tour of Christchurch city on our way to the International Antarctic Centre.
It was quite painful to look at all the damage.
I was trying hard not to think about it.
He's a very friendly man and I feel very bad now that I've forgotten his name.

We boarded the first bus at 10am, and arrived just in time to catch trhe penguin feeding at 10.30am.
We barely made it.

We learnt that all the penguins at the center are handicapped. Mostly due to accidents.
There is this one that broke its tongue and has to be 'force-fed' else it would not eat. Poor thing :(
There are couples amongst these penguins and they.are.so.loving!

We were in time for the 4D show and the Antarctic storm right after.
All attractions covered within 2 hours!
The center had a lot of information about the animals in the Antarctic.
Love, love places like this.

Because expeditions and missions to Antarctic start at the center, there were loads of information and videos about the people and life at the bases. I sat through one video that ran for 45 minutes.
The entire trip felt so.... educational.
Love it.

And these are some things people would bring to Antarctica.
Some are simply hilarious.

Lunch was yummy.
Loved everything about it.

I miss New Zealand already.

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