Wednesday, September 26, 2012

{New Zealand Aug 2012} Fox Glacier

The day my camera smiled.

We left Wanaka early for Fox Glacier and missed the opportunity to see the beautiful Lake Wanaka.
However, the magic in this trip continued and we got stunning views throughtout the drive. Totally worth the early ride because we spent so much time stopping to take photos.

We went past creeks and a couple more lakes before we arrived Lake Matheson.
It was half an hour to sunset and since we do not want to risk being in the woods after sunset, we took the trail up to (only) the jetty.
The reflection pool about an hour's walk away should give some awesome views.
See these pictures on Google. Aren't they incredibly stunning?

We stayed at Misty Peaks for the night, and I swear there must be a fairy following us on the trip.
Remember us missing the stars in Lake Tekapo and I was bummed?
We stood under a blanket of stars just outside our room.
And since Mount Cook is right in front of us, I dare say I was looking at the same piece of sky I would have if I joined any of the stargazing tour while in Lake Tekapo
I was so happy.
Jumpy, crazy, squealing-in-my-heart-and-it's-gonna-burst happy.

And since they say "A picture is worth a thousand words",

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