Wednesday, October 24, 2012

{New Zealand Aug 2012} The scary ride

Yes. I'm not done with the New Zealand trip yet.

As we travelled from Fox Glacier to Kaikoura, we went past the West Coast and stayed two night in two towns(Westport, Nelson) while we do a look-see of the west coast.

One day in each town is really not quite sufficient.
Especially with the rainy weather.

As usual, things don't go as planned.
That morning we left Fox Glacier, we decided that it was a waste if we didn't even attempt to take a look at the glacier. We didn't do any of the Fox Glacier tours because they were all to physically challenging for us. Misty Peaks did have a good offer for the helicopter ride. I don't know why we didn't take it though we had a budget. Instead we took close to 2.5 hours (return) walk to get as close as we can to the glacier. (Which is not close at all.)
That has already set our schedule back for a couple of hours.

By the time I got hungry and it was time for a supermarket stop in Greymouth, it was almost sunset.
We tried to beat the sunset to get to Buller Court Motel before dark.
Not possible.
We drove along the sea and because the sea has a therapeutic effect, we kept stopping to listen to the waves.

Before we knew it, we are on the mountains with winding roads as indicated on the GPS.
In the dark.
I pretended to be extremely calm silently freaked out.
Where are the street lamps when we need them????

The hubby clearly didn't know how dangerous scary the ride was. He suddenly pulled over, turned off the engine and attempted to check out the sky for stars.

*insert expletives*
I was pretty sure a stupid boo-boo (like suddenly stopping and pulling over too close to the edge of whatever we were on) could send us off into the deep, blue sea. Which was on my side of the car.
That explains why in my heart, I was dying and hoping that we can reach the motel fast!

According to the hubby, I did curse.
Which was pretty unusual (to him. He doesn't know how much I cursed at work.). It gave him a shock big enough that ensured me a smooth journey to the motel.

The lady at the motel was super nice.
And smiley.
So she managed to calm my nerves.
She even left us some shortbread biscuits in the room.
I love shortbread biscuits.
So I'm good.

But we have been talking about this incident for quite a while.
It might be a topic that we'll discuss till we are old, and our hair turns grey.

It is, after all, our first, exciting drive in the dark.

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