Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pretty my EZLink Card

I lost my EZLink card that day.

I wasn't upset that I had just topped up the value of the card the day before, but more so that the card had the most adorable Stitch card sticker I got from Taipei 5 years ago. I couldn't find any of the same one on my subsequent trips.

Five long years....

The new card was fine.
Only that it had an orange side I really, really do not like.
People around me felt that the loss of the card was a sign for me to grow up.
I felt so too.
I'm, perhaps, a little too old to be carrying a Stitch EZLink card around. Even if I was so darn proud of it.
One day after mourning the loss of my Stitch, I remembered that I do have a lot of tapes.
I picked a few of my favourite washi tapes (I might have used the Cath Kidston one a little too much... It's on my gym lock, my HDD....) and started sticking over the orange side I hated so much.

The Cath Kidston always goes with the floral paper lace tapes from Daiso.

Oh.... I love washi tape.
In less than five minutes, my card is pretty again. :)

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