Monday, October 22, 2012

The hubby's birthday and many 'firsts'

First frosting. (Thank you, Martha Stewart!)
First bake-from-scratch cake with my first frosting.
First piping.
First piping without a pastry bag.
First birthday bunting, without the string.
First 'trace-the-circle-from-a-glass-because-I-have-no-circle-punch' + 'draw-the-letters-with-craft-knife-because-I-have-no-Silhouette' bunting.
First birthday celebration in Home Sweet Home.
First mini party.

The hubby celebrated his 29th last Thursday.
And because birthdays are a great deal to me,  I decided to throw him a last minute mini-birthday party. We haven't quite celebrated our birthdays properly since we started working.

The cake turned out pretty 'blah!' but I'm happy the boy was appreciative.
He finished it up though he found it a tad sweet.

I think our "mini-cake-mini-bunting-two-people-only" birthday party was a success. :)

*It was a birthday surprise.
I hid all the cakes and frosting in the fridge when the hubby got home. I knew he is never ever going to step into the kitchen because he just got himself a new, hardworking lady-servant -- me.
I set all the things up when he was in the shower and waited nervously for him to be done.
He wanted to go to bed immediately after his shower.
I had to drag him out of the room just so that he sees his surprise.


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