Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The ACTUAL unpacking

Nine months after shifting into our new place, we finally got down to unpacking.

I'm pretty sure no one installs household shelter racks nine months after shifting in. Of all the reno blogs I read, the first piece of 'furniture' to enter the house, were the racks.

We were slow.
Thankfully we got it done somehow.

We shifted bags of clothes and items from both my mum's place and my in-laws'.
My family knows I'm not good with bags.
I'd leave bags, as bags. On the floor.
Before I got married, the things I bought would remain in the plastic bags.
That was how I organised.
By store.
And by their arrangement on the floor. It was a mess.
I can remember where the items are if they remained in the bags. But when I tried to put them in the right places, I had problems.
My uncle even suggested that the shelves in my new place should be labelled according to store.

Anyway, I did try to give each item their own places in the new home.
And trust me, I was doing well.

I just had issues with these because we were rearranging the furniture in the study room (again) and everything had to be shifted out. It was horrible.

I'm glad my mum came over to help.
The neighbours were having some crazy removation going on and the loud noises and pounding were driving me nuts. With Mummy around, I got motivated to clean (and throw things out).

This was only part of it.

Mummy is pleased.
I'm elated.
Hubby is in awe (of what Mummy can do.)

I think mothers are just amazing. :)

Note to self: The 6 months rule apply.
If you don't use/wear it in the past 6 months, you probably won't need it.

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