Thursday, October 25, 2012

{New Zealand Aug 2012} The lesson from a seal

Yes. A seal.

We stopped by two seal colonies (on separate occasion) while on the way to Kaikoura.
Those fluffy little things..

The colony that was nearest to Kaikoura (I forgot what it's called) is a bigger one and they had to endure harsher waves. We spent about 15 minutes there and I was observing two the whole time.

One of the seal tried to swim out to the sea.
Which was tough , of course.
The waves always brought him back to where he started. Sometimes even further.
He just kept trying.

Another one was going in the opposite direction to get under the bridge.
It was rocky and he had to go against the current.

All this time he kept slipping backwards, further away from his destination.
He too, didn't give up.

With all his might (I assume), he did a final leap and yay!
He did it!!!!


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