Thursday, August 30, 2012

{New Zealand Aug 2012} Lake Tekapo in Snow

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

DAY 3, 4
Lake Tekapo
We had big plans to have a photography showdown at the church in the moring before heading down to Mt Cook, getting salmon lunch along the way.

When I woke up, it was drizzling.
When we were having breakfast, it was still drizzling.
When we returned to our room to get ready, it started snowing .

Joanne advised us to drop by i-Site at Lake Tekapo Village to check out the road conditions before deciding if we want to go ahead with Mt Cook.

i-Site was a couple of minutes drive away.
Because there's heavy snow in Mt Cook, we were not advised to drive there, especially if we were not driving a 4WD.   :(

We were back in the lodge at 10am, with cup noodles for lunch.
We could go down to Tekapo Springs for tubing and the hot tub, but snow makes me lazy.
And the hubs is not keen on the idea of getting into a hot tub when it's snowing.

So, the day is spent
watching cartoons,
walking around the lodge,
watching more cartoons,
spotting hares,
squealing and
seeing how the view changes as the snow gets heavier.

Joanne mentioned that they really need the snow because it has been so dry.
If those plants need it, I'm not complaining.

See the difference of our view compared to the day before?
Cannot see anything!


Then the skies cleared a little and we were ready to go out.


But not before clearing the snow off the car first.
They come off in slabs.
It was funny.

 This is the view at the very small village.
I love it.

Early dinner at Pepe's again.
And beacuse the staff was so nice to let us wait inside before they actually open, we ordered an extra dessert.

Yummy apple crumble

And I ate till I almost threw up.

No stars again because the snow refused to stop.
Such a pity.
Lake Tekapo has amazing night skies which look like this on good days:


The hubby made me wake up early to give our last shot at star gazing.
The sky finally cleared but because it was a moonlit night, I managed to see only 3 twinkles.
I was rewarded with this though.

I like how the one taken with iphone turns out like a painting.

The view at Lake Tekapo is stunning.
Even though it was cloudy most part of our trip.
Even if it snowed.

I'd love to visit Lake Tekapo again, perhaps in spring or summer.
Then, I'll make sure to join a stargazing tour and take a photo of the beautiful church with the mountains and flowers in the background.

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