Monday, September 03, 2012

{New Zealand Aug 2012} Mount Cook. Just a quick one.

Queenstown comes after Lake Tekapo during our trip and it is a long long drive that would take more a little more than 4 hours for locals, and close to 5 for us.

We have not visited the Mt Cook Village yet so we had two choices,
1  Give Mt Cook a miss and head straight to Queenstown.
2  Pop by Mt Cook Village to take a look and risk arriving at our accomodation in Queenstown after sunset.

The hubby decide to do Mt Cook after all, even if it's a touch and go. And I do agree that it would be a waste if we came all the way to Tekapo and not see Mt Cook, nor have an inkling what it is like. It was a slight detour (2 hour return) from the original route we were to take to Queenstown so it wasn't too bad.
I've always imagined it to be a treacherous drive to Mt Cook. Probably loads of windy mountainous roads. Worse if the roads are still covered in snow.
Is it going to be a scary or boring long ride?
What if the car breaks down halfway?
What if it was too slippery?

It turns out, the drive to Mt Cook is the best yet.
I was quiet throughout the entire ride (that is not very common) because the view is breathtaking and the roads are so, so straight the hubby wouldn't need an extra pair of eyes to help keep a lookout on traffic. There wasn't much traffic. Only one car drove past us.
It is such an easy drive I think I would have managed well too. If I had a driving license.

I felt like we were driving through some inspirational posters.

We saw this, and couldn't decide if it was a rainbow or just clouds.
I say it's a rainbow, the hubby feels it's clouds.
What about you?


And now we know why we call it 'The Land of the Long White Cloud'.

It  would probably take a couple of hours to explore the village and catch a 4D show, something we couldn't afford to.
If we would to do NZ again in future, this would definitely be on the list.
Plus a  night's stay at Hermitage Hotel too.

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