Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Everybody needs signs like these

And I mean me!!!

You know how sometimes beautiful things just appear out of nowhere and you feel the need to own some?

Like how I was just innocently reading blogs and this etsy store just popped out on one of the blogs? With all its cutout goodness.

There are some I simply adore and want to get my hands on.
If I have that much of money to spare, and the liberty to decorate the house in any way without fengshui considerations, these will be my new housemates.

She will stay near my children's books section in the library.

Inner Child at Play

He will stay in the future nursery. Or study room. Or anywhere he likes.
You can't really go wrong with alphabets right?

Alphabet on the Wall (ABC, ABCs)

These lovelies? They'll have an exclusive admission to my bedroom.

Je T'aime (I love you French sign, valentine)

Happily Ever After (fairytale ending)

As for them, they are welcomed anywhere in the house. :)

Positive Energy sign

Good Morning Sunshine
Every Little Thing Gonna Be All Right (Bob Marley, Reggae)
You are my Sunshine (gift for mom, baby, nursery)
Just Breathe (keep calm)
Though I think I'll stick the 'positive energy' one on the hubby if he allows it.
Click on any of the pictues to get to the store! :)

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