Wednesday, November 07, 2012

I ♥, so I collect... JAPANESE MASKING TAPE

To date, I have 51 washi tapes, 13 fabric tapes, 4 fabric lace tapes and 2 paper lace ones.
It is really an obsession.
I think I pretty much like tapes of all sorts.
I first came across washi tapes on Zakka Life.

Oh, the things you can do with washi tapes!
But what I liked about it is that it is easy to remove. Even when stuck on paper.

Urbanwrite had some on sale the last time so I bought myself 2 packets (4 rolls).
I used it in a school project and a dear friend's birthday card, and was sold when I realise how much of a difference it makes with just a strip of tape.

The tapes are quite costly here at $8.90 per pack.
So when the hubby wanted to go on a Japan trip in 2010, you know what topped my shopping list.
I always feel that things tend to be cheaper in the country of origin.
They are.
30-40% cheaper and that makes a lot of difference.

So, barely enjoying the views in Tokyo since my mind was clouded by the thoughts of buying washi tapes, I got whatever I could lay my hands on in Tokyu Hands (mt), the Loft (Mark's! ♥) and wherever else I see these beauties.

My collection sits in my 'craft drawer' now.
They are finally freed from the ziplock bag and sitting in the containers I got from Daiso (I love that place!)
Some may think it's a waste of money. Well, it's not.
I've used each and every roll of tape and since they are at least 10m long per roll, they can last me quite a while.
They are good investments.
Of course, there is still space for expansion and I hope I'll be getting more soon!
Some things I've done with washi tapes so far:

 The amazing world of washi tape:


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