Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's Thanksgiving!

(And though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here...)

I'm thankful for...

... my family.

Because they allow me to do silly things.
And at 28, I know my dad and mum still pampers me a lot.
And there's a secret Santa in the family -- lil' sis, who always showers us with gifts from overseas.
And she makes me laugh a lot.
And lil' brother, who always makes us laugh  too, even when he doesn't really talk much.

And the hubby, who annoys me most of the time at times.
Because I know that despite all his irritating antics, he loves his wife a lot.

Of course, the cousins.
Whom I seldom meet up, but I know, are always there.

... my friends.

Because they make me laugh.
Those friends at work with all the 'makan' sessions and Fun Fridays. See what we do here, here and here.
It takes my mind off the unhappy things.

The three buddies from a decade ago.
Who tolerates my ranting and bitching and crying.
And feed me good food.

... blogland.

Because that's where I picked up a new hobby - crafting
And where I learnt to appreciate life and the things I have.
Where I learnt to organise my life

... Instagram

Because it allows me to express myself in a different way.

Despite all the challenges I faced these couple of years,
I am lucky.
I'm thankful for being this lucky.

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