Wednesday, November 23, 2011

{Christmas Countdown} First snow

I flipped through my first travel journal today.

In 2004, four kids packed their bags and went off to stay in NYC with Aunt J for a month.
In 2004, I celebrated my first Christmas out of the sunny island.
In 2004, I wished for a white Christmas. One I can spend in Aunt Jes' house. One with a huge Christmas tree beside the fireplace. Cuz that's what it should be like, isn't it?

In 2004, we spent the entire Christmas season (December) in the States.

In 2004, we experienced the first few flakes of snow when Auntie Linda said that she didn't want a white Christmas that year. As soon as she arrived home and opened the car door, a few snow flakes floated in. Our first snow.

In 2004, we plowed snow at the doorway and cleaned out the car.

In 2004, I build my first (mini) snowman with whatever snow was left in Aunt J's backyard. VERY little snow..

In 2004, there was no Christmas trees in the house. And no fireplace.

In 2004, we spent Christmas in a ski resort because that's how Aunt J and her friends spend Christmas --  a ski resort getaway. In that same resort, we attempted our first ski. Lil sis' fell flat into the icy ground and left a face print in the 'snow'. The hubby (then boyfriend) fell too. So did I. I couldn't remove my skis so I had to 'butt-ski' down to ground level. Not a pleasant sight. In that ski-resort, we had curry chicken for lunch. Our first spicy dish after more than 3 weeks. Real spicy. Not the "it-looks-red-hot-and-the-person-at-the-counter-told-me-it-was-hot-but-it-turned-out-damn-salty" kind of spicy. Authentic Asian spicy.

In 2004, we had lots of fun even after the minor incidents in the ski resorts.

In 2004, we took photos with a camera that runs on film. No digital camera somehow. Some of the photos were lost when the film got exposed in WDW. The rest are in the album, sitting on the shelf in my mum's place.

So, I've got no pictures of the first Christmas I spent overseas.
But boy, I missed the cold, Uncle Juan and the lovely people who made us feel so at home for the entire one month.

{Update: Woohoo!! We DID bring a digital camera along after all!!
A yellowed picture of our lilttle snow beings in the backyard... }

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