Thursday, November 03, 2011

Dinosaur Party

It's funny how one thing leads to another.

A couple of weeks back, we decided we should watch 'Jurassic Park' as part of the 'Chill Out Fridays' (aka 'Fun Fridays') routine. Al suggested that we should drink Milo Dinosaur while watching the show.

It kinda evolved into a theme party as we continued with our Whatsapp conversations. And for the next few days, we were busy buying random dinosaur products (like banners, toys and wall stickers) and making up dinosaur names for all the guests.

Due to great difficulty in finding a day where EVERYONE was available, we had the party on a Thursday instead of a Friday.

*The Decor

The wall stickers are really cheap! The whole set costs only a dollar.
S....dactyl called this the photo booth wall. And we all loved that silly-looking Rex.

*The Food

Every guest received a little bag of dinosaur gummies....

...tagged with their dinosaur names.

And our attempt at making asparagus with bacon turned this (above) to this (below): *slurps*

This was my favourite.
From the 'Herbivores' section of the table,

(Mini) Cucumber and Carrot Sticks with French Onion Dip.

*The Fun

We ended the day taking silly photos with the little toys at the 'photo booth' but to protect the privacy of the new found dinosaurs, they shall remain in my hard drive.

Theme parties are awesome.
Even kiddy theme parties for adults.
I think we'll have another in the near future. :)

(that's dino language for 'What fun!')

(PS: We couldn't quite believe that there were actually dinosaurs that are omnivorous. We did a search and this was what we found. The part on 'accidental omnivoes' tickled us so much. A friend had her own explanation: the dinosaurs had such big mouths that when they eat another dinosaur, they would have chomped up the surrounding trees and leaves as well!)

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