Sunday, October 30, 2011

{House Talk} OUR home.

After 5 days of being good and waiting patiently, we finally entered our new house yesterday.
Love the place already.
The tiles and walls are pretty done up so we have minimum renovation to do, i.e. we can move in pretty soon.

We did the defect checks today. There were little problems in most areas with the exception of the household shelter, which has got many little holes:

And this is just part of the wall. Multiply this by at least ten times to get a feel of how 'punctured' the household shelter is.
And do that to get a feel of the ceiling in the household shelter too.


Because of a low-lying structure and a plot of land right in front of it, our apartment boasts a rather good view of the clouds.

First thing we spotted: a bunny

If I'm lucky, I get to spot tiny kites too..

Can't imagine how many cloud pictures I can take just by sitting in the living room or bedrooms!
Until they decide to block it by building flats or what-nots, of course.


There was a Philips Carnival over the weekend too.
Just the right time for the purchase of household appliances.
We went home with 2 air cleaners, the legendary air fryer, a rice cooker and a steam iron, and $1500 less rich.

What a fruitful weekend.
And what a start to our own lil' family.

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