Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pay it forward

Source: doodled.

What will you do if you are the one with the brolly?

Years back when I was still a Secondary School student, I received an act of kindness from a senior. Such a simple act of kindness but yet, we seldom see anyone practising it.

It was raining crazy that day and I didn't have a umbrella with me. (Note: Our school uniform is made of really really thin fabric. And it's white. Now double the embarrassment.) I was in such a sorry state until a senior (whom I do not know) came by and offered her umbrella. Can you believe how grateful I was? She saved me from further embarrassment.

Since I benefited from this kind act, I thought it was only right that I 'pay it forward'.
It was difficult at first. To walk up to strangers to offer them shelter under my umbrella.
But I'm happy doing this.
I know because after each incident,
I'll smile to myself,
thinking of how I've helped one person just this little bit.

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