Monday, October 24, 2011

{House Talk} Key Collection

For most, if not all, new HDB flat owners, there are a couple of important dates to take note of (and rejoice!)

* Selection of unit
* Collection of keys
* Start of renovations
* Completion of renovations
* Moving in

It was the second important date for us today.
Blessed with a lovely sky, I was expecting to take enough pictures to flood this post with.
Like, the HDB letter.
The looks of anticipation on our faces.
Or the 'I'm-falling-asleep-cuz-the-Q-is-too-long' look.
And the keys.

As usual, things usually turned out a little wacky on important days like this.
It may be a reward for us turning up early, but we were given an appointment time.
Usually, they stick to the appointment time, if not, later.


We were done with the fire insurance within minutes and the hubby thought we should get the queue number for the key collection before we head to lunch.
(Since the appointment should be 'a little earlier, or at the stated time', anyway.)

40 minutes before our appointment time, we returned to HDB Hub,
me cleaning my mouth (again) with one hand (with tissue paper of course!) and fumbling for the queue number with the other. As we walked, we were searching for the signs that read 'restroom'.

I cannot concentrate with a full bladder!

Then as I pass the rooms, I saw our queue number flashing on the screen.


So there.
Our eventful key collection.
With a full bladder.

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