Friday, November 04, 2011


I'm feeling Christmas early this year.

* It may be due to all the Christmassy pins on Pinterest.

Pins like this:



and this:

* It may be due to the fact that we are (most probably) not travelling this year end.

In the past, we'd be busy with getting ready for the big year end trips.
And I'd save the excitement about Christmas till we are there.
This year, I did not save any of the "Whee!! Christmas!" for any other parts of the world.

 * It may also be due to the much cooler weather we are having this end of the year.  The temperature has been hovering around 25-26°C at night. That's a pretty nice weather though it brings alot of rain with it.

I love Christmas because it's the season of giving, everyone's happy and the world feels like a wonderful place.

I'll be super nice from now till the next (ok. and beyond..) so that Santa can hear my wish -- spending Christmas with family and friends in my new home. :)

Anyway, do you know how exactly Santa knows if we are naughty or nice?
See 'Elf on the Shelf'!

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

I am going a little gaga over Christmas songs these few nights.
So I'm gonna try include one after each post. Until Christmas. :)

Here's the first, and my personal favourite:


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