Sunday, November 06, 2011

{Little Bits of Married Life #1} - Do you love me more?

Married days vs dating days.
Oh, how very different are they!

I realised that people often take one another for granted after a while.
And this affects even two people who got married because they are deeply in love.

Very often, I find myself envious of the women who aren't afraid to express their love for their husbands. Even in blogland. Women like Meg of Whatever who is deeply in love and still appreciates her husband after years of marriage and 5 kids.

I must be honest that I do get angry/upset with the hubby.
Most of the time, it's due to expectations and because of the fact that we got a little too used to each other.
I started taking things for granted.
I started remembering only the things that upset me, and not the things that made me smile.

And this, I know, is very very bad for a married couple.

I gotta learn to appreciate this man.
And remember the good.
And in case you are worried, NO, we are not going through a rough patch.
In fact, things are better than during the dating days.
We are learning what 'appreciation' means.

And this documents our learning journey.
Also, if one day the hubby gets on my nerves, I can read back and remember all the little things we have done and learn to appreciate him even more.

After a long, gruelling day at work, the hubby was treated to, in his words, a very relaxing back-cum-foot massage by yours truly. 

Me: Hubby, aren't you fortunate to have a wife like me?
        (cheekily) So, do you love me more now? (insert smug look)

Him: Nope.

Me: :(

Him: I love you as much as before. Because if I were to say I love you more now, it would mean that I loved you less in the past.

Me: .....

Such a smart boy.

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