Sunday, November 06, 2011

{Weekend Walks}

We went to Aljunied Cresent for yummy dim-sum breakfast today.
We were early and it was really nice to see families having breakfast together.
And of course, everyone was enjoying their food.

This is what we had:

Fried Carrot Cake and Sesame Ball (Red Bean Filling)

Chee Cheong Fun with shrimp

Century Egg and Meat Porridge

'I-don't-know-its-name' dumpling. It was Today's Special.

Scallop Dumplings - Today's Special too.

Yummy and enough to burst our tummies. And all for $13.50.


Later in the afternoon, I couldn't resist these lovely mini cupcakes with the prety blue icing.
It was so yummy I had to have two..
Bye exercise..!
Hi Calories!

My favourite Cousin E is now a daddy!!!
That cousin I stuck to as a kid because he is such an awesome elder brother, is a daddy!

Cousin E and cousin-in-law, E celebrated Baby E's first month today.
Isn't it sweet that their names all start with 'E'?

Baby E is such a darling. He was awake when we arrived and posed a little when lil' sis took his picture.
He was almost like, "Who are you and why is it so noisy!'

Cousin E was grinning from ear to ear throughout the whole event. It was really sweet.

It's not like he will read this blog, but..

Congrats Cousin E!


It's slacker's night.
And we ordered Domino's for dinner.

I just love Domino's!

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