Friday, November 25, 2011

{Little Bits of Married Life #3} - I have a fit nose

I'm still having flu-like symptoms.
This is the 4th day.
I was too stubborn to see the doctor.
The medication and I are not good friends...

Me: (poking at nose) Poor nose.... My poor nose.... :(

Him: It's okie. It's healthy.

Me: ?????? (In my brains: Which part of flu sounds healthy to you? Isn't it obvious I'm seeking some TLC?!)

Him:  Your nose is fit!!!

20 seconds later....

Me: Oh.....! My nose is fit because it's running!! :D

Thanks hubby, for the humour.
A much needed one after your irritating "I -worry-so-much-I'm-gonna-keep-asking-you-questions-you-have-no-answers-to" antics.

Wait a minute..
I was the one who introduced him to the "running nose = fit nose" theory.

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