Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Randoms

1.  The bloggers I follow are awesome.
     (That's why I followed them.)
     And in the list, I've got quite a few Jens, Allison/Allysons, and Ashleys. (variations of names included.)
     Sometimes, their husbands are awesome too.
     And a few are called Chris.
     I have an Uncle Chris. He is awesome too.
     If you are a Jen/Allyson/Ashley/Chris, you must be pretty awesome too.

2. My body knows it's the holidays.
    I wonder how it does but it refuses to let me sleep early.
    I'd attempt to go to bed at 11 pm and I'll be on my iPhone till it's 1am.
    It's been like that for a few days.
    Even right now, when I feel the sharp pain in my tummy.
    And I feel like throwing up.
    I hope it's not appendicitis.   :S

3. It's still cold.
    So cold it feels like Christmas.
    And I bet my close ones don't even know this.
    Christmas makes me cry.
    Somehow it touches me.
    So when I walk into a mall, or even Cold Storage and they've got all the festive decorations and food..
    and they play those lovely Christmas songs in the background, I.will.tear.
    And I'll look like a nutcase, walking around the supermarket with teary eyes.

4. I think I should challenge my body to #2.
    I think I should go sleep.
    After a cup of hot milo.
    And I hope it's just regular tummy pain.

Wish me luck.

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