Wednesday, November 30, 2011


That night over MSN, I was telling dear {S} how weird I'd been acting these days.

 "Like calling yourself Annabelle?" 

Of course that was strange to her.
No one close to me knew me as Annabelle.

In fact, Annabelle is a 'secret' name I use when I book accomodations for my holidays.
'Annabelle' when I want to make it easier for others to pronounce my name.
People who don't know me on a personal level.
Due to the renovation of the new house, I had to use 'Annabelle' alot.

Why Annabelle then?

Well, I've considered Mary-Anne, Stacey, Tracy and others... (some of which you may find familiar from "The Babysitters' Club") but while we were doing imaginative play during recess in Primary School one day, my friend decided that I should be called Annabelle because "You look like Annabelle".

I don't really get why but that name stuck for years.
And because it leaves such a great impression, I use it now.

If you just got to know me, 'Hi! I'm Annabelle! I'll let you know what my real name is after we are at a ... you know... more personal level.'Those who know me well already, stick to what you've been calling me for years.

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