Thursday, December 01, 2011

Happiness... IS a choice.

I'd been unhappy about Situation A for the longest time ever.
It's been bugging me and though each time, I told myself not to let it get to me, it did.
So much so that I almost suffered depression.
I couldn't perform my best at work.
I cried for no rhyme or reason.
I became unhappy and was bitter about everything in the world.

It affected my sanity, and I allowed it to.

I was fine for a while and it came back.
Situation A.
And I know it is getting to me so I had to talk.
I talked to {S} and {W} --- they were always there, listening.
I talked to the hubby --- so he'll understand why I was acting eccentric.
With {S}, {W} and the hubby, I knew I could keep harping on it.
I could keep expressing my unhappiness, which will in turn, make me feel even worse.

So I couldn't help but speak to Someone Wise, who, by the way, is indeed very very wise.
Someone Wise said that "Honestly, it could all be in your head."
I mulled over those words these few days and I figured, Someone Wise was right.

NO ONE involved in Situation A knew what a challenge it was to me.
In fact, Situation A is just so very common.
It just so happened that I was at the wrong place, at the wrong time.
Then I figured,
All I had to do was to take myself out of the equation.
Which I did.

So zero awkwardness.
Zero unhappiness.

No wonder they say happiness is a choice.
It doesn't happen just like that.
You have to make it happen.

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