Saturday, October 01, 2011

Domestic Goddess... eh... Engineer.

That day in the office, I kinda lost myself and said in a rather loud voice,

"Domestic Goddess!! Yeah, that's what I wanna be!"

And we were talking about learning how to bake from a colleague's awesome aunt because we know nuts about baking. And cooking.

So you see, I realised that just being a mere domestic engineer is already a lot of work.

* Gotta keep the house clean.
I'm rather... umm.. *twiddle fingers* disorganized. I hate to admit it, but the hubby is waaaay organized and neat with his things than I am.

*Cook. Bake. Feed the family.
C-o-o-k. I guess I could do that. But I'm pretty sure the hubby would want more than rice and fried eggs/baked rice/Aglio Oilo for dinner everyday.

But I'm willing to learn!
Cooking, baking...
Bring it on!

I want to sew cushions and pillows for the home.
And cute ruffled onesies and clothes for my future kids.

But I can't even sew a simple pouch, and I've to get mummy's help.


So, I guess I should be realistic and just concentrate on honing my skills to be an okay domestic engineer.

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