Saturday, October 01, 2011

Stay-at-home Saturdays

We are back to 'Stay-at-home Saturdays' today.
All just because we woke up really late.
Like.. during lunchtime.

And 'Stay-at-home Saturdays' can get quite boring.
Especially when the first season of the 'Masterchef US' isnt as exciting as the second.


I haven't been doing much of this lately.

In fact, everywhere (the home, the workplace...) is as messy and cluttered as it can get.
I'll be forced to clean up the study room soon because we are getting the lights fixed.
And to get ready for the BIG SHIFT (the house would be ready by the end of year... Wheeee!!), I'll be forced to clean up all my belongings and get them packed as well.

I'm a lot happier now as compared to when I first started Project OPAH, and I think I can keep it this way.


I started to organise myself a little around here.
And guess where I started out with?

Yea.. Pinterest!

I'm comfortable in my seat in front of the laptop and just didn't wanna move anywhere else. I'm just plain lazy. So I figured that since Pinterest has gotten itself a nice, clean look,  organising my Pinterest boards would be quite an achievement too. =)


I just need some Domino's Pizza to make my Saturday an awesome one.

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