Saturday, September 24, 2011

Random bits of happiness {Weekend Walks}

I'm glad I declared that weekends starts from Friday afternoons.
And I'm glad I decided that the weekend should be nothing less than relaxing.

I started my morning dreaming up this scene:

The trees are real. The colours are not.
This picture had been enhanced to what an ideal morning should look like.

Breakfast at McDonald's and yes, the Monopoly Game is back.
I've never won anything so far and I'm not gonna increase my carbo intake in attempt to win anything.

Bak Kut Teh Lunch at Rocher. Rather peppery.
Even though I prefer the herbal ones, I still appreciate how this bowl of Bak Kut Teh cleared my nose for me.

Barely two hours later, we settled at Gloria Jean's cuz we were done with whatever we wanted to do in Vivocity. My first Lamington and I loved it. Maybe I should get the girls to try make some during the next girly sessions.

Aren't these cups gorgeous?

Kitchen stuff from rice. Would have love to get one of these pretties.
Such a pity that it's melamine.
The hubby would never agree to melamine tableware. :(

But you do agree that it's lovely right?
Just looking at the pictures makes me grin.

The day ended with dinner at Swensen's.
Have been craving from baked rice since last Friday's girly session.
But this was a tiny disappointment.
The sauce was a tad salty. 

Nonetheless, I had a great time and I feel all recharged. :)


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