Friday, September 09, 2011

{Craft} Newspaper Nails!

Some days, I just need a fun, simple activity to make my day.

I found a couple of activites on Pinterest that look like they could entertain me quite a bit.
But certain activities looks more interesting with the sister's company.

...nail art.

True enough, the fun is MEGA! (that's multiplied by ten to the power of six!)
We came across a couple of tutorials some time back and knew we had to give it a try. Together.

The water marble nail art was a little complicated and messy(cuz we didn't tape around our nails), but rather managable. The tough part was trying to come up with nice designs. We gave up after one nail and went on with the next nail art.

The newspaper nails were a lot easier and took little time to complete. Basically, we just had to paint our nails as per normal and stick wet magazines onto the painted nails. The tutorial calls for alcohol to stick newspapers/magazines on the nail but we didn't have any, so we followed another tutorial we found and used water instead. Water works pretty well too!

So here's mine:

 The base colour I used was a little dark to bring out the newspaper prints but trust me, this is really fun, quick, simple and addictive!

Cutepolish has got other interesting nail art tutorials so do check out her Youtube channel!

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