Wednesday, September 07, 2011

On the way to becoming a domestic engineer...

{domestic engineer : a professional-sounding term that also means 'housewife'. How the bestie who just got married describes her mother's occupation.}

Well, I had wanted to say 'domestic goddess' but I'm miles away from being one.
Since I'm lagging behind in terms of ironing.
And cleaning.
And cleaning.
And cleaning.

I'm only more.. receptive.. towards the idea of cooking.

So the same old thing.
while nursing the same old headache that visits at appropriate times each month,
plus I was really dreading to get lunch from outside since that meant I had to change..
I made brunch.

With that few pieces of chicken fillet left, plus ham and the celery and carrot from 2 days ago,
I made myself brunch.

I steamed the chicken before pan-frying it because I always had the idea that if I were to throw the fillet into the pan immediately, I'll get burnt chicken that's uncooked on the inside.

I made sure I left the chicken to marinate for at least 20 minutes.
And yes. Dried basil leaves again.
I bought a small bottle of it for my first aglio olio and have been trying to use it up asap. But no matter how I try, the bottle still looks full!!
The egg was not completely hard-boiled.
I was trying to save some energy and water.
Nah.. I just didn't cook it long enough..

Anyway, it looks pretty decent for brunch and I'm happy I used up most of the fresh produce since I won't be cooking for the next couple of days.

So, the road to becoming a domestic goddess engineer is not an easy one. Especially when I'mlacking in the cooking and cleaning department. But it's my ambition and I. Will. Persevere!

So wish me luck as I cook work my way to happiness!!

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