Wednesday, September 07, 2011

So I realized...

I've always written my blog as though there are people who actually reads it.
(If there really are any, hiii!!!)

Then I realised,
it's actually for me to read it some time later.

Because I forget.

I forget things really easily these days.
Plus all the ailments I get when I grow older, I'm actually kind of ... scared.


Filling up the blog with details and pictures help me remember events better.

I was complaining about how I was unable to upload photos because my laptop was too slow.
Well, my cute girly white old Toshiba retired.
I settled for a manly lappy recently.
This lappy looks nothing like the previous ones I had.
But I decided that looks didn't matter anymore and left the hubby to decide which was a better laptop.
After all, I might just adopt his iMac once we move to our new place.

Hopefully with the new manly lappy (and it's in-built card reader), it can keep my memories safe. =)

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