Monday, September 05, 2011

The wife cooks. Again!

It's term break and I'm supposed to be enjoying life at home for the entire pathetic one week.

I'm still returning to work for a couple more days.

But I've been feeling crampy today and the craving for soup is getting stronger.
After some random grocery shopping, I was ready to challenge the kitchen!

I like colours in my food so i ended up with these.

And in all attempts to marinate the chicken fillets, I added what I could find in the kitchen.
Salt, pepper, olive oil, dried basil leaves.

Then there were some little mosiac art pieces done with the chopped carrot, celery, potatoes and tomatoes.

Then shells. I've been craving for shells.
I wanted salad shells actually.

I ended up with this.
The chicken was pretty decent.
Rather well-marinated I would say, because the hubby thought it was some pre-marinated chicken fillet I bought from the supermarket.

Truth is, I was playing Cooking Mama on Facebook while marinating the chicken.
After which I did my kitchen mosiac art where i took a long long time trying to dice the ingredients.

And the soup.
Um.. pasta.
Um.. pasta in tomato soup. With veggie.

Looks pretty decent for a dinner huh?
But I tell ya, looks can be deceiving!

The usual cooking boo-boo again where I added too much pasta.
But like the hubby says, 'It's edible.'

And what say I?

At least I tried. =)
I guess with more practice and more cooking sessions with the friends@work, I should get a wee bit better.

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