Saturday, July 23, 2011

Keeping Memories

I figured that I'm kinda out of memory space in there. *brain*

I remembered going to a particular place 2 weekends ago but I can't remember what else I did after that, and what I wore.
This scares me a little because ....


This blog has been inactive (once again) for so long due to the inability of my laptop to process photos fast enough.

I should forget about the photos and do with one without pictures until I adopt the iMac.


Hello brain,

We woke up really early today for a weekend cuz I fell asleep way too early the night before.
In my barely awake state I mumbled to the hubby that 'we should go for breakfast'.
I swear it wasn't really a serious thought. I had intended to sleep in.
But the enthusiatic hubby got up to get ready so I guess it's breakfast out after all.

I managed to force persuade the boy to take a long drive to IMM so that we could check out the home furnishing and ID store. I actually just wanted to check out clipboards at Daiso. The search for home inspirations went rather well. At least we found a couple of stores that have been blacklisted and we should not even consider getting anything from there.

No luck with the clipboards though. I've been itching to do up some clipboards with the girls. Still managed to buy tons of 'nonsense' from Daiso in the name of the new house. Just waiting for the lull period at work so that I can get crafty again.

And note to brain: I wore my jumpsuit today.



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