Sunday, July 24, 2011

{House Talk} - Laundry Room Signs

It looks like we may receive our keys to our new place by the end of this year.

*squeals!!* Any idea how excited I am????

The only possible place in the entire house for the laundry corner would be where the service yard is.
I have no idea how small it is gonna be, whether there will be fittings for light fixtures or even a wall for me to paint. I'm going ahead with googling ideas anyway.

I loooooooove signages.
Especially the one for the laundry corner.
And especially if it's one thing I can do to make that pathetic little corner a happier place.

The www is awesome.

Found this on google. Love it!

I've plans for this little laundry corner but would probably get to it only when I see the physical space.

Till then!


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