Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not just any Sunday.

Today is special.
With many gifts.

I woke up early enough to catch the morning sky. With beautiful clouds.
Gift from the amazing people up there.

After weeks of waiting, I finally got my roti prata breakfast. Right after the nice morning walk.
Gift from the best hubby ever.

With Mummy's help, the GPS now has a home.
And I did put those fabric I bought to good use.
Gift from Mummy's love.

This must be the best.
While Mummy brought out her sewing box, I stumbled across this.

Grandma's amazing needle threader.

I remembered playing with it as a child.
It's no longer just a needle threader now.
It's a piece of memory.
To remind us of Grandma.

At times, I did wonder how this came about.
A product of Western Germany. Were imported products so commonly found then?
Or could it be from Grandma's Caucasian employer?
I'm curious but I guess I'll never find out.

But it feels good to find something so vintage at home.
Love the packaging.
And most importantly, it reminded me of the times I spent with Grandma as a child.

I love you, Grandma.

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