Thursday, June 27, 2013

{Little Bits of Married Life #9} - A Doting Daddy

I came across this quote on Pinterest once.

"The best way a father can love his children is to love their mother."

Since we found out I was expecting, hubby has taken over the weekend chores.
These few days when Mummy was away on a short getaway, he took on most of the chores.
After a long day at work.
I basically just needed to bathe and feed myself and do nothing at all.

He tucks me in at bedtime.
He pats me to sleep.
He wakes up in the middle of the night to coax me to sleep if I have nightmares.

He volunteers to read to Baby as often as he can.
He tries to do it daily.
He reminds me to read and sing to Baby every single day.

He never believe that love = giving gifts / pampering with material goods.
But when my iPhone screen blacked out on me because I dropped it way too many times, he was ready to get me a new one. Not before a gentle, yet firm talking-to.
He lovingly told me off, like how a father would to his daughter.
And immediately said, "Go think if you'd want an (Samsung) S4 or iPhone 5."

And much as he hates it, he caught the cockroach that was enjoying our house.
Without smashing it flat with rolled newspapers.

He IS ready to be Daddy.
We feel the love.

That is also why, I feel very upset when I heard things about him that is untrue.
I have no idea how it came about.
It was just so out of the blue. Without basis.
It doesn't feel good at all.

I hope those gossipmongers / people who assume know better.
When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.
And I will hate you.

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