Friday, June 21, 2013

The girl and the fluffs in the sky

Facebook must have changed its layout again because I found this note I wrote three years ago on my profile page.


This is a story of a 'not-so-little' girl who has fallen in love with the sky.

She didn't know when it started.

It was probably 'Doraemon'. He and his friends would often fly and play in the clouds, and she longed to do it one day. The girl later learnt that it was impossible because the clouds are actually water vapour and can never support the weight. She never quite believed it until after the Geography lessons in Secondary 1.

It might be Daddy. He always encouraged his kids to look out for things. He'd stop while taking a walk in the park and show the kids the grass, flowers, sky, birds, pebbles and anything he found interesting. She might have developed a liking for clouds then.

It might just be a habit since young, where the girl would climb on the sofa to look out of the window. She'll try to spot as many shapes in the clouds as possible. Her sister loved to do that too. Yes. It must be a habit because there came a time where she will walk past the window, point to the clouds and say "look! an elephant!"

She loved the sky. Because they were full of 'cotton-candy" and if you use a bit of imagination, the clouds come alive.

Then, as she grew older, she somehow forgotten how magical the sky was. Until one day, she spotted a cloud in the sky, and it glowed as the sun's rays pass through it. That, moved her alot and she remembered how amazing the sky is. How lovely the morning clouds are. And how the clouds in the dark night draws her to space.

Since then, she kept a lookout for the sky, hoping to spot more figures in the sky and a rainbow or two.
She probably continue to do that even when she's an old lady.

*And she loves beautiful clouds. That must be why she loves her sister so much too! *winks*

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