Monday, January 28, 2013

{In the Kitchen} 21 Jan - 27 Jan

I'm still missing a few dishes for the that I wanted to attempt for Chinese New Year so I thought it's a good time to try them out now.


Fried Pipa Tofu.
Sounds like what you'll get in a Chinese restaurant isn't it?
I stumbled upon this recipe from Ms I-hua when I was desperately looking for new recipes the other day.

I thought I'd stick to the steamed tofu since we are already having quite a few greasy dishes.

Lesson learnt: NEVER attempt any recipe if you don't have all the ingredients. Especially if they are key ingredients.

I skimmed throught the recipe the first time round and completely missed the fish paste.
I thought it might turn out fine even without the fish paste because I assumed that the egg will be able to hold everything together.


I added too much tofu as well so I ended up with a plate of tofu, egg and meat mixture which refuses to hold together.
It was impossible to shape the tofu.
It looked so awful I didn't even dare to take photos of it.


Sesame Oil Chicken
For the longest time I've been cooking this dish with, guess what, only ginger, sesame oil and chicken!
Then the husband wondered loud enough for me to hear that day..
"Shouldn't this have gravy?'
Should there?
I checked out Rasa Malaysia's recipe and found out how I've done injustice to a such a wonderful dish.

It turned out pretty good.
Only that I put in too much water and the chicken was a tad overcooked.

I just found out that I'd probably end up cooking curry chicken for the dinner.
I want a real proper Chinese dinner.
Without soup.

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