Friday, January 25, 2013

2 hours and 5 buttons later...

There are some things that I love, but the husband hates.
Like glitter.
(How can anyone dislike glitter?)

And pegs on curtains.

The curtains we got from Ikea were too long for the windows.
Because the width of the curtain fits just nicely, trimming it short will make it look like two panels of fabric. Flat panels of fabric look good as Japanese curtains at a doorway. Not so much on the windows.
The pegs have been on for close to a year. And each time I looked at it, I gave myself a pat on my shoulder.
Short curtains.
Curtains don't look shapeless.

Then come spring-cleaning and the Mr. finally told me that he couldn't stand the pegs.
"Please do something about it."

Mummy gave me a suggestion and a mini tutorial on how to fix the curtains.
With buttons.

I so happen to have quite a bit of buttons in the house.
These buttons so happen to go perfectly with the colours of all my curtains.
No need to go round sourcing for the 'correct' buttons.

The Mr must have foresight when he bought* them the last time.

(* At this point, I need to emphasize how lucky the Mr should feel. Most people go for work trips and bring home branded bags for their girlfriends and wives. Or jewellery. Or anything fancy. I only requested for him to pop by Walmart and get me cheap craft stuff. Buttons included.)

Like Mummy said, I should pick a day and dedicate it to the (mini) sewing project.
And so I did.
I'd wanted to finish up the curtains and start on a tumbler holder for the Mr.

However, I took 2 hours to sew one panel of the curtains.
5 buttons.
It might be a lot faster if the folds on the curtains were made permanent.

The rest were alot easier.
A total of 4 hours later, I completed both pairs of curtains in the two rooms.

Now my study room officially looks like a children's playroom, and the extra bedroom?
It looks like a nursery.

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