Wednesday, January 23, 2013

{In the Kitchen} 14 Jan - 20 Jan

Spring-cleaning mode has kicked in and the time to search for simple recipes to try has been taken over by painting, cleaning, and organising.
Most of the days we ate simple foods like dumpling soup, steamed fish and fried eggs.

I tried only one recipe for the third week of January.
But hey, I'm keeping to the 'one new recipe a week' so I'm not feeling so bad about it.


There is a shop selling really wonderful Penang food near Aljunied MRT station.
I love their Marmite chicken.
I was hoping I could cook Marmite chicken like they do one day, so that I can stop salivating just thinking of it. My teacher used to tell us that salivating makes one fat too.

My first attempt failed terribly.
I forgot that Marmite has a pretty strong flavour and added a little too much of it. It didn't help that I didn't portion out the chicken and we each had one huge chicken breast to eat. Dinner that night was pretty torturous. I told the hubby that I'm never gonna touch Marmite for the next three months.

It is less than three months but I'm not inspired to search for new recipes so I tried the Marmite Chicken again, (from My Simple Food).

I cut down on the amount of Marmite used in case it was too overpowering like the first time I cooked it.
Instead of the Australian honey we bought the other time, I used Songshan honey, which turned out to be a lot sweeter than expected.

The Marmite chicken turned out pretty decent.
Nothing compared to the one I had in the shop but pretty decent.
The hubby was able to accept that wee bit of Marmite though he commented that it turned out more like grilled honey chicken.

I'd probably still try this recipe again soon.
This time, with a little bit more Marmite. :)

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