Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dust Monsters.. Its just so different..

This morning I came to a realisation...

I'm never, ever going to have a home that looks like those I see on Pinterest and in magazines.

After a chat with my friend, who studied overseas, and was lucky to have stayed in a house that practically gets no dust after three months, I finally acknowledged that

there ARE houses which don't get much dust.

I wasn't expecting a 'Dust Monsters' attack when I moved in.
They don't deserve to be called 'dust bunnies' since they are so hostile.

I'd wanted to hang up a lot of frames on the wall and leave my bookshelves opened.
That's why I painted the walls white.

But this is all not practical now that I realise my house gets a lot of dust.
Even more so recently when there are so many constructions going on around the area.
Have I mentioned how incredibly dusty my place is?
Even if I sweep and mop everyday?

On the average (for the past two months), the floors remain squeaky clean for a maximum of two hours. TWO HOURS. After which, you start to feel the dust on the ground.
My feet gets so dusty and black after that two hours, it looks as though I'd been running barefooted on the roads.

I have to dust all my wall decorations, on-the-TV-console decorations and tabletops everyday.
It's getting a little annoying.
I'm even regretting (slightly) the decision to have open bookshelves.

I know that this dust issue is going to get worse once the construction of the condo opposite goes in full swing. I'm just hoping that when all the constructions are done, those monsters can be tamed.

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