Tuesday, January 29, 2013

{Little Bits of Married Life #8} - Make peace

The Mr. has been saying things that are really funny recently.
It's so funny that it would embarrass him if I were to post them on the blog.
I so happen (yea, "so happen" once again) to have some notepads I got from Daiso.
Inspired by journals like "My Quotable Kids", I have a mini-sized "My Quotable Husband" journal.

(I made one for myself too, to jot down thoughts that I have that are too ridiculous for Facebook or Twitter or Whatsapp.)

I'd been writing so much in the journal I thought I should close the "Little Bits of Married Life" page.

Then it happened.

We had our the typical "I've-had-a-long-day-so-my-tone-sucks" tiffs that night.
It left me rather upset. So upset I was pretty sure dinner that day would suck since I didn't cook it with love.

I put in a batch of chicken pieces to fry and when it was done, this was what I saw.

Focus on the two pieces of chicken on the right!!
In case you can't read it like I did, there is a 'girl' chicken piece with a smiley face. And a 'boy' one (side profile) with an Elvis hairstyle.
They made me smile silly.
It was like a sign to make peace.
And so we did. :)
PS: I added in oyster cause with scallops and some black pepper.
I'm pretty sure that the eyes are black pepper bits and the mouths are the little bits of scallops in the oyster sauce.
The next few batches had faces too. Shocked, in awe, indifferent.
But none as adorable as these two.

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