Tuesday, January 08, 2013

{In the Kitchen} 1 Jan - 6 Jan

I mentioned that I'm not going to make any new year resolutions since I tend to forget them sometime during the year.

Maybe I should have just one?
A tiny simple one I could possibly follow through the rest of the year.
I shall not be ambitious.

Try one new recipe each week.
There you have it!
I don't even dare to put down "at least two new recipes".
Let's just start small.


Two years ago, we stopped having homecooked meals daily due to 'certain' reasons.
Let's not mention what it is since I'm trying to keep a good, safe distance from 'Wrath' and 'Envy' this year. They've been such b****** the past two years, it was horrible.

Anyway, let's just say that it is quite impossible to cook after work and I wasn't comfortable with the kitchen.
So we indulged ourselves in fast foods and frozen pizzas.

Our kitchen at Home Sweet Home was built to inspire me to cook.
You didn't know? Yes it was.
That six months when I was still working, I did attempt to cook. But I could only manage processed food (read: frozen and canned) and after the increased frequency of meetings, we gave up cooking altogether, and the vicious cycle of eating frozen foods continued.

Ta-dah! came along weak and bad tummies.

We've already spent a "Bangkok trip for two" on my sinseh and tui na visits.
We should also work on our diet to get healthy faster.

So, 1 Jan 2013, instead of having a wonderful dinner out, we had a homecooked dinner.


I search the internet for simple recipes to follow. I can't be cooking aglio olio and garlic rice all the time.
Thank you Pinterest and Google.
And Munch Ministry.

If the food taste decent, I record it down in my handy dandy notebook (oh I miss Blue's Clues).
I jot down the source of the recipe and the exact quantity of ingredients I used.
I also make tiny notes on any AFIs so that I can improve the next time I cook it.
I actually only wanted to use my cute post-its cuz I have so many.

I try to repeat a couple of dishes each month until I find the recipe I like.

Because the websites are too long and I don't want to waste two lines on my page for each recipe, I'm keeping an electronic copy here. With links so that I can just click.
Thank you technology.

{In the Kitchen}  1 Jan - 6 Jan

Cashew Nut Chicken follow this recipe from Rasa Malaysia.
Having chinese cooking wine helps.
Butter Rice from a Munch Ministry contribution.
I know it doesn't look like it but this was supposed to be inspired by Fish and Co's seafood platter.

Black Pepper Pork Stir Fry from a Wokking Mum.

Claypot Chicken Rice from  Ms I-Hua. (No pictures because this was the nth claypot chicken rice recipe I tried.
Butter Cake from a magazine Mummy kept.

Whoa, this is one long post.

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