Wednesday, January 09, 2013

23 years.. No.. 24.

Today a special friend dropped by my place.

This is one special friend because we knew each other since we were six.
That would mean we'd known each other for 24 years.


We've been in the same class for 9 years, and the same school for 11.
We haven't spoken to each other much the first 7 years of school because she was doing such a wonderful job at being a responsible class monitress, I was rather terrified of her. Really terrified. The next four years we spoke to each other more and I found that she wasn't that scary after all. (And that took me six long years..)

We lost contact for a couple for years when she went overseas for studies.
Thanks to MSN, we got chatting again.
We never met up during those MSN-turned-Facebook chat days.
She works overseas and we seldom got the chance to go out for even a cup of coffee when shes' back.

It is really nice to hang out with each other. Even if it's for a short while. :)

PS: Those maple cookies are so so yummy!

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