Monday, January 14, 2013

{In the Kitchen} 7 Jan - 13 Jan

This week (actually last week..) I tried out only two recipes because I was cooking more of the boring fish and veg combo, and...

The sinseh found my way of marinating meat appalling and that day we went for consultation in the night, she extended her opening hours by 30 minutes and taught me a foolproof, basic way of marinating meat.
I tried it for dinner the following night and it turned out pretty good.

This is a "pictureless" week mainly because the dishes are not photo-worthy.

On Monday, I tried the Bulgogi recipe from Maangchi. I replaced it with pork though.
Maangchi's website is a good source for Korean cooking.
Love that she has a youtube channel too. :)
My dad is always worried that my mind will be less active now that I'm just staying home.
I told him I was learning Korean.
That's pretty much this.

I also tried out Rasa Malaysia's Ginger and Scallions Chicken.
It turned out really good.
I think it'd have tasted better with pork or beef.

Having spring onions left from the Ginger and scallion chicken the night before, I thought it was good to try out Maangchi's pajeon.

The recipe called for soybean paste which I didn't have.
I replaced it with oyster sauce thinking that it should be alright since both of them are a little salty.
They are very much different and my pajeon turned out really really weird.

This hasn't been an extremely good week in the kitchen. Hoping for more kitchen adventures the following week! :)

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