Friday, January 04, 2013

Photos, photos. photos...

Now that we are *almost* done with cleaning up the house and making it a little more 'livable', I'm finally sorting through photos from our past trips.
I attempted to continue with the honeymoon video I started on 2 years back.
There were simply too many photos to choose from.
I like most of them.
Even the weird ones of my bag, a curtain hook, and one part of the lamppost.
Once I hit Day 4 of the honeymoon, I figured I'll probably need 2 DVDs because the video is gonna be looong.

I had wanted to make a photobook out of it so that I can write in some notes as well.
But photobooks are so precious. What if the pages are accidentally folded / dirtied?
I'll freak.

I guess I should just stick to good ol' photo albums.

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