Friday, December 28, 2012

The festive season continues..

Christmas came and went away just like that.

While grocery shopping on Boxing Day, I walked around the malls a little, hoping to find some good deals on anything Christmasy. You know, for next year.

I got.... nothing.

It was around noon and everywhere, everyone was clearing up all the Christmas ornaments and decor, packing them away.
What?? There's no sale?? (on Christmas items I mean. They do have a post-Christmas sale on almost everything else)
Apparently no.
At least not around my neighbourhood.

There's a party shop where my Chinese Physician is.
When I went there yesterday, the party shop is already geared up for Chinese New Year.
The Christmas decor is all gone and the store is decked in red and gold.
So is Cold Storage.

They are fast!
I wonder if I have to put away the tree soon.

Chinese New Year doesn't come around till two months later.
Maybe it's really time to prep the house for Chinese New Year.
And. I. don't. know. how..

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