Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Hello 2013!

Hello 2013!
(The first year in adulthood where I counted down in my sleep.)


2012 was a an eventful year for me. Both in a good and bad way.

There were major changes in my life.
I made an important decision.
My emotional and mental state was at an all-time low, I would have ran away and lived in a cave if there were any in Singapore.


- We shifted into our new home after all the crazy days of renovation. Hurray! to our own space.

- I was a struggle to do my job properly and being a good wife. Not easy at all.

- I got angry. And upset. And frustrated about life. A lot of things and decisions made by the 'people up there' seemed senseless to me.

- I reached an all-time low (emotionally) and I was pretty sure I was going bonkers. I spent a couple of months in a zombie-like state and I wanted to be away from people as much as possible. I didn't even want to hang out with my family or besties. Not even my husband. I just wanted to be alone. (And if you know me well, 'alone' is never in my dictionary.)

- I cried a lot. And screamed a lot.

- I quit my job.

- I finally got a chance to run away from everyone else (and my guilt) when we went for our two-week New Zealand trip.

- I came back feeling a lot healthier, a little more normal, mentally, and a wee bit stronger.

- It took me close to half a year before I got out from this awful, dark period of my life.

- I found time to clean up the house after I stopped working. After 10 months of moving in, the house finally didn't look like a dumpster.

- The world didn't end after all!

- I got my first Christmas tree.

- Postivity is growing inside me and I'm loving it.

December was a month of visiting a new Chinese physician and an oesteopath.
I got sick of getting antibiotics from the GP so I thought I should seek alternatives.
It's working well so far.
Only thing is that I got to be there early to beat the long queue.
That means bedtime before 10pm and waking up at 6 each morning.

This was how I spent the last few days of 2012.
And it also explains why I counted down to 2013 in my sleep. Though I did wake up at 12:07am because someone somewhere was partying so hard and couldn't stop screaming and cheering.

I gave up on making new year resolutions because
#1: I never follow them
#2: After not writing dates for months, it's surreal that it's already 2013.

I think I'll work towards being positive.
Because I believe when you are, everything will just fall in place.

Happy New Year dear all!

And to 2013, let's work towards a wonderful year!

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