Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Second week of December

We are halfway through the third week of December and I haven't made much progress from the first.

With the awful cold last week and the last minute plans to help look after my grandmother, I didn't do anything exciting except these:

Put up the tree. All by myself.
Put up the lights.
Hung up some ornaments.
Looked at the wonky tree and wasn't pleased about the messy lights.
Took down the ornaments.
Took down the lights.
Hung them up again.
Got a minor electric shock when I touched the exposed wires on the lights.
Shocked that there was an exposed wire.
Glad that I touched it so at least I knew.
Upset that I'm still left with 200 lights after all.
Hung up ornaments.
Took them down.
Took apart the pine cone wreath from Daiso.
Wrapped eached pine cone in wire and put them up on the tree.
Hung up the ornaments again.
Took two days to realise it's too plain.
Put up some ribbons from Daiso.

Bought the Christmas tree storage bag and Ornaments storage bag from Spotlight because they were having a sale on these items. 50% discount. Sounds too good to ignore.

Wasn't really in the photo-taking mood last week.
This is the only photo I have.

I'll probably not do up the rest of the house since we are calling off the Christmas dinner at my place.
It's really not quite possible to have it this year.
And I'm ready to be off to my aunt's anytime to celebrate it with my grandmother instead.
I think I'll start early next year.

Putting my Xmas PJs in the wash so they will be ready for my "hot-milo-Christmas-movie" night with the hubby.

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