Friday, August 03, 2012

Cloud Bread

This was showing on KBS that day.
This is without any subtitles. I couldn't find any.
*Don't watch it with logic. Children's stories are never meant to be logical.*

I wore a silly smile throughout the entire show. Especially when the bread floated out of the oven. I've seen various forms of animation but not once with cut-outs. They look so...... flat! I thought the plot is really cute. Cloud buns are so cool! And I love that the protgonists of the animation are so so giving. :)


Here's the synopsis of the show, and this is its blog.

If you really really want to listen to the english dubbed one, here it is.
But be warned. It's doesn't even sound half as nice as the original version.
But at least we can understand every single word of it :)

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