Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Refreshed. Recharged.

I'm back from the land of the long white cloud.
Most people call it 'New Zealand'.
I call it my land of sheep, cows, grass, mountains and lakes.

It was a lovely trip.
Beautiful view and awesome people (most part of it, at least)
We got to experience all four seasons in two weeks.
And I feel all rejuvenated.

After feeling sluggish for two whole years.
I got my annual reset. (Clearing the mind and brain and being in a blur.)
Something I missed for close to two years.
Something strange but what I needed.

It's good. Really good.
Someimes a huge plain with cows and a blue blue sky does good to the body and soul.
Give me a while to recover from my reset.
I usually take three to five days.
That will be a nice time for backlogged chores.

Then I'll be back with my trip report.
And maybe some photos for my girls.  :)

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